the trouble with singing in the shower…

first of all, i like to list things. especially on long bus trips. second, below is of course a list or collection of things that can occasionally get me down. i kept them as is and every time i read them i laugh at myself for ever sporting a frown in these situations.

not drinking from the faucet…can be such a tease when your water purifier sits so far away….(3 feet away)

not having a glass of wine before, after, or during paper grading

clocks, they all read different times

running and being stared down, clapped at, or stopped to answer “where are you going?”

your cellphone ringing as you just told the person on the bus that you can’t exchange numbers because you forgot your phone.

bat poop. It doesn’t have a scent so it sneaks up on you.

taking the bus and sitting next to passengers who can’t stomach it

pregnant women , they like to touch your nose

lines, they don’t exist!

a moment to yourself, and it being interrupted by a stranger judging you for being alone

Maggots in your half eaten bowl of cauliflower

no soap in the bathrooms when you really need it

the POST OFFICE, it’s straight up chaos    

…not having enough adorable kittens that want your affection

The trouble with singing in the shower starts like this, I don’t have a shower, I have a “mandi,” or well filled with water accompanied by a bucket.  If you have read my previous rants, you have already read too much about my mandi-ing woes.

My first mandi experience in Indonesia: I sheepishly disrobed, filled the bucket half way, and splashed my forearms as sharp sips of breath and shivers sparked up my back like a race car circling the track with each strike of freezing cold water hitting against my epidermis.

It didn’t take long for a mandi to become rewarding, especially after profusely sweating through thick non-breathable uniforms. I’ll be in my last class figuring out what teachers or neighbors I’ll have to dodge in order to get that faded red bucket, with some flower design across it, filled with water in my hand the fastest.

But as much as a mandi can be refreshing and to the point I’d say enjoyable, it’s missing something.

The pressure and speed from a shower head, creates that loud and consistent “shhhhhhh,” enabling even the worst American Idol contestants to carry a euphoric pitch. Of course when you’re singing in the shower other people can hear it. But it’s easy to get lost. Tune in the music as water sprints out of the shower head, or perfect microphone, softening the notes that are off key and carrying out a harmonious sound. I’ve never appreciated a shower so much in my life, at that same time question how I ever lived without a mandi!

Let’s just say, in the mandi room you just can’t bust out those top notes. However, I do find that I’m not so shy to bust a move. (video clips of me dancing in random places coming soon I hope…?)

**A video that helps soothe my woes. It’s a welcome video for ID6 who just went to their sites a little over a month ago. It’s our experience at a glance and also some wonderful characters showing off their moves. Kudos to Elle for putting it together!

3 thoughts on “the trouble with singing in the shower…

  1. I loved loved loved watching this That senior class dance looked great from what I saw if it, and it looks like you are getting pretty good on the guitar too!!. Love and miss you Mommy xoxo

  2. Love this blog, Girl! It reminded me of one of my favorite songs of all times; All I Really Want by Alanis Moriset, Your perspective is often so time worthy for my own experience, here, in Indonesia and I thank you for paving the way! Hugs.

  3. It’s wonderful that you still have that positive attitude to help you through some dire situations (don’t think I could deal with maggots in my cauliflower!! You should ask Andrew Zimern to come and try it for his Bizarre Foods show!!) What a great video to add to your list of memories to bring back with you. Keep up the good work!
    Hugs and kisses!!

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