indo day 516…inner band geek comes out

Prior to dancing in a parade for last week’s carnival–delayed celebration for Indonesia’s Independence Day (or Kemerdekaan)–I prepared my students with a little marching band motivation…
Dressed in red and white they were beaming with nationalism and later dripping with sweat after a 4km route with a back to back dance routine. Although no fire trucks were paraded, there were unusual characters, accidental steps in horse dung, flying candy, and teams of teachers with H2O ready to hydrate! I was feeling quite nostalgic.

6 thoughts on “indo day 516…inner band geek comes out

  1. that must have been fun When I went to parents preview for band this year to see Natalies drum line (she has done a great job by the way) It was VERY nostalgic for me imagining all 5 of my girls down on that field and the proud thoughts going through my mind were incredible. I thank all my girls for giving me that feeling. I am the luckiest Mom in the world,

    • Be proud of Anne the trombone player too. Remember when you filmed her on the field marching because you that she was me? Haha. We are the luckiest daughters in the world.

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