Indo Days

Indo day 621

Bit by the Love Bug

school 12-1 001

Students learn how to express Love. One of the favored lessons, so that’s why we teach it at the beginning of the semester, win them over. These kids are deep yo!

Indo day 603

Warning! Students are inspirational

It’s been pouring outside, but that’s better than it being unbearably hot! In both situations students tend to be a little sleepy. We’ve since tried to livened up class with some arts and crafts.  We were discussing giving/asking advice, then my CP and I decided to throw in Warnings, because that also needed to be covered this unit. Most students presented about timeliness, traffic laws, and sleeping in class. This particular student’s advice and warning caught my eye and even encouraged me…“Don’t ever give up and never feel afraid of truth, though painful.”

Indo day 594

I turned the 2-5 and I feel really excited about this year to come. I came to class at 7:15, 15 minutes late, (which my CP knew about) because I was traveling back from the Gables’ house (PCV ‘fantastic power’ couple) early that morning. I walked in during the lesson and my CP cued me in to speak some of the typical phrases used for ‘giving’ and ‘asking’ advice. As I was speaking students were putting down their heads, looking away when I made eye contact, and just being openly rude and disruptive. I laughed and said, “OK, sorry I was late students, can you forgive me?” and no one spoke. My CP and I looked at each other with puzzlement and then we moved on to having the students give their own explanations. The first student to raise her hand was Aprilia and she said, “My advice is for Miss Mary not to be late to class!” My mouth dropped open. Right after that, students just started leaving the class. This was my best class, What were they doing? I looked over at my CP and asked if he was going to stop them from leaving. He apologized and said that they just must be really offended by my tardiness…really? Finally, as one student was getting up to leave she tripped and fall and immediately starting crying. Oh crap, what is going on!? Then just as I was about to help her up, all the student came back in with two lit birthday candles a 2 and a 5 atop of a cake and began to sing “happy birthday.” I was laughing and crying at the same time. I couldn’t believe it. I felt so grateful and surprised for the sincerity of this class to celebrate MY birthday. The cards they gave me were amazing and filled with phrases like have a good healthy year,” “Mary you are so beautiful and now 25, and my favorite, “..hopefully soon get a mate who is very handsome…hehehe…” Plus we got to have a party in the middle of class and lots of students started smearing icing on one another—what a way to get this 25th year started.

Indo day 587

“Teaching Moment” dismissed

Last jam of the day (teaching period) and class was going smoothly until I caught a male student scribbling inappropriate sketches of female figures into other students’ notebooks. I’m pretty sure fire came shooting from my pupils because without words I caught his attention. A deep silence took over the class like a dark cloud, and said student, whose desk had a hole burning through it from my burning eyes, immediately dropped his pen mid-scribble, slumped his shoulders and put his head down in shame. When I finally blinked and released the tense frown held between my eyebrows I remembered that this is high school. I think discipline and respect are important in the classroom, but as I stared at this shapely pen drawn woman, I too was reminded that it’s almost abnormal if students don’t act obnoxiously in class. Is this one of those opposite “teaching moments” when I’ve realized how structure and rules have taken over my soul?! No I’m melting… I guess I was just surprised and it came out a little more extreme than I had time to process. At least I paused and no words were spoken. I don’t want to make students cry…or do I?  I think the message was sent clearly, so I didn’t go any farther or reprimand him for his behavior. I lifted my eyebrows and moved on to homework announcements and class closings. When the CP and I returned to the teachers’ office we had a deep sigh and an outburst of laughter together.

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