What Haven’t I Lost?

This is a running list of Lost/Broken/Stole items since my arrival to Indonesia.

My host sister and I recently discussed my “bad luck.” She said by the time I make it home, I’ll be lucky if I come back in one piece. Hopefully I’ll have enough batik and sambil to make up for it.

I deny any accusations of being careless, but currently I have no other way to explain the following list. Let’s hope it does not grow!

-prescription sunglasses (lost two weeks before departure)

-umbrella (lost in the Hong Kong airport)

-water bottle (left in the San Fran airport)

-camera (forgotten in a food court booth)

-sports bra, towel, athletic pants (laundry theft)

-favorite glasses ever! (fell out of my bag while getting off a bus half asleep)

-Meb’s adorable Apple Macbook, in a coma. (past it’s prime)

if only loosing things could be this sweet

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