serving as if 3 months remain

I hadn’t talked over Skype with anyone from my family for what seemed like weeks. When in actuality it had been 5 MONTHS! <worst daughter award for this girl>

Not having access to a laptop had its pros and cons. I felt that I really opened up at school more. I definitely ate more fried pieces of tempe and learned a few new Javanese phrases. The cons; behind on typing lesson plans and emails, buried under notes and scattered everywhere.

It’s funny how organized the creation of an electric-folder can make you feel.

Mainly, I had been itching to catch up on some face time and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Not only have I been sick off and on for the past 3 months now, but my stress-o-meter is ‘risen the roof.’

Students = an inspiration to me for teaching.

Classes, lessons, the work with my counterparts—have never gone smoother.

And then comes the B-U-T, it’s unbelievable how difficult it is to get anything else moving.

I feel invisible sometimes. A nice and rare feeling actually…

However, when a new student enters my classroom with 5-weeks remaining in the semester, someone should feel the responsibility to inform me. When I asked administration about her grades from her old school, I was stared at as if a lima bean tree was sprouting from my head.

OR, When we don’t have school for a “Kerja Bakti” or “Clean up Day”, please let the “bule” (the one foreigner in your village) know so she doesn’t come to school ready to teach, but ready to help and participate.

Instead, let’s use the energy to continue to shut down any form of project ideas, like recognizing “Education Day,” having a poetry contest to celebrate “Kartini Day”—an Indonesian icon for women empowerment in education, after school yoga in an empty classroom, riding bikes to school and picking up trash for “Earth Day,” creating a World Map on one of the many building walls. It’s just easier to insist that the school doesn’t have the funding for those types of projects. When did cleaning up garbage cost money? INSTEAD it has been decided to paint the whole school a different color—bright Pink outside, with Purple classrooms walls….I know, that will make the world a better place. Bright colors do increase happiness.

Did I sign up to be in the circus? If so, please strap me to a balloon so I can just drift off and let it all just float away.

That was my initial thought anyhow. Thankfully I’ve been able to vent, pause, and breathe a little deeper. I won’t stop asking. I will be more direct. More annoying. More inquisitive.  I will be persistent.

My drive? My students. They are SO in it. It’s just getting everyone else to follow. It’s not hard. Things are always blown way out of portion. “Let’s paint a mural!” Turns into, writing a proposal with 3 different signatures that will most likely be lost under a pile of other unnecessary proposals.

Things can be avoided like,


People that don’t care

Snack boxes and microphones…Well, of course I must at least peek inside the snack box first….

So what’s my plan?

Doing more, preparing less

Congratulating small successes………..


Once a week Yoga Session with a group of Students at my house, (teachers who so jealous when they heard about it).

A bike Ride to Madiun City. A little frightening to keep them all intact and properly hydrated, since they by no means drink enough H2O, but we made it!

Safety-First Discussion at the SLB (Students with Disabilities)


Serving as if I have 3 months remaining.

5 thoughts on “serving as if 3 months remain

  1. You are doing so great! And as far as proposals go…it sounds like administration is similar wherever you are in the world! Better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission. 🙂 How long DO you have left?

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